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Sound for Picture: Long Format (Re-recording mixer)


“The 2 Million Year Old Boy” • NatGeo • Pangloss Films

“Pomonok Dreams” • Dir: Al Stark & Terry Katz

“Lessons from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” • Expressive Media, INC • Dir: Judy Rubin

•“Hostage: The Terry Anderson story” • NatGeo • Pangloss Films

“Breakthrough” • Expressive Media, INC • Dir: Judy Rubin

“Area 51: Declassified” • NatGeo • Pangloss Films

•“One False Move: Road Trains” • TRUtv • Jester Pictures

“Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story” • Interpositive Media • Dir: Stefan Forbes

“The Isaac Mizrahi Show” • (Seasons 1 & 2) • Oxygen Network

American Masters: "Quincy Jones: In the Pocket" • PBS • Dir: Michael Kantor

•“Cowgirls” • Lumiere Productions (for Discovery)

American Masters: "(Norman) Mailer on Mailer" • PBS

Great Performances: "Arthur Miller: Misfits" • PBS

•"Diamonds" • Lumiere Productions (for Discovery) • Dir: Cal Skaggs

•"Safe Houses" • Lumiere Productions (for Discovery) • Dir: Brad Lichtenstein

•"Formula 1" • Lumiere Productions (for Discovery) • Dir: Cal Skaggs

American Masters: "Ella Fitzgerald" • PBS • Dir: Charlotte Zwerin

•"Dreamgirls" • Lumiere Productions (for Discovery) • Dir: Jaret Engel

•"Colorz of Rage" • Dir: Dale Anthony

Great Performances "Turandot at the Forbidden City" • PBS • Dir: Allan Miller

•"RCA X Factor" • RCA/BMG Records • Dir: Julie Mersen, Douglas Biro

•"Breaking the Fall" • Constant Communications (for Lifetime) • Dir: Gini Reitiker

•"Life with Big Cats" • Wildsight Productions (for Discovery) • Dir: Deborah Rivel

•"Vanished" • Lumiere Productions (for Discovery) • Dir: Cal Scaggs

•"Women and Depression" • Creative Expansions (for Lifetime) • Dir: Gini Reitiker

•"In My Corner" • Breakthru Films (for PBS) • Dir: Ricki Stern

•"Dave Matthews Band EPK" • Biff Films (for MTV) • Dir: Julie Mersen

•"Such a One" • 7th Street Film Syndicate (for USA networks) • Dir: Ellen Weisbrod

•"The Jimmy Fund" • Movie trailer • Dir: Scott Hainline

•"Michael Bolton National Television Special" • ESPN  


Sound for TV: Post Production Record, Edit & Mix

Olive Garden, Ford, Burger King, McDonald’s, Zappo’s, Verizon, ExxonMobil, American Express, Discovery Channel, Pepsi, Nikon, Compaq, AT+T,, British Airways, Continental Airlines, Hasbro, Titleist, Toyota, Sony, Infiniti, Comedy Central, Reebok, Nissan, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Converse


Music Mixing for TV and Jingles

Burger King, K-Mart, The Learning Channel, Volkswagen, Pepsi, Sprint, McDonalds, Animal Planet, TJ Maxx, Casual Male, Colgate, CVS.

Post Mixing for Corporate Industrial

Hearst Argyle, Fuji, Saab, US Airways, Reebok, General Electric, Tyco, Columbia House, Putnam Investments, Pratt & Whitney, Fidelity Investments, MCA