Chandrika Tandon "Soul Call"


2011 Grammy nominee

Written and performed by Chandrika

Mixed and Mastered by Scott Cannizzaro

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Music has always been an integral part of Chandrika Tandon’s life. Her new CD, Soul Call, is a testament to that love and passion of music that has defined her since her earliest days. A melding of Carnatic, Hindustani, and Western influences, Soul Call draws in the listener with a healing mantra enveloped in classical Indian ragas. It’s an album that resonates with people of all cultures, as indicated by the tremendous response from listeners – “The peace and tranquility the CD provides is indescribable…”, “Absolutely beautiful…”, “This music is lovely to listen to and spiritually calming…thank you!”


Scott Boland "Guitar Parts"

Guitar Cover1600at300dpi.jpg

Written and performed by Scott Boland

Produced, engineered and mixed by Scott Cannizzaro

Guitars and Bass: Scott Boland

Bass: Chris McCarvill

Drums: Frankie Lombardi

Recorded and mixed at Soundtrack Boston

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Guitarist for Obsession and SUGAR - Scott Boland - a guitarist with over 20 years of performing and recording experience. While his style is heavily rooted in hard groovin’ blues and rock, Scott is recognized for his adaptation to all musical styles and situations. He has received exceptional reviews of his talent in "Guitar", "Guitar Player", "Guitar World" and numerous other music publications. He also appeared on the highly regarded "Guitar on the Edge" compilation series, which showcased the world’s most proficient guitar talent including Greg Howe, Guthrie Govan, Ron Thal and Carl Verheyen.. While playing in the successful 80’s style hard rock band Street Legal, Scott met Mike Vescera. Mike Vescera (Yngwie Malmsteen, Obsession, Loudness) is recognized as having one of the more powerful and distinct pure metal voices around. Shortly after, they started working on writing material with an early version of MVP. After Mike’s stint with Yngwie Malmsteen, he recruited Scott as the primary guitarist for the Michael Vescera Project’s (MVP) internationally acclaimed album “Windows”. Scott Boland received national attention as an instrumental guitarist throughout the ‘90’s. The catalyst was his impressive 5-song instrumental EP release with NON Music Productions. The tunes were packed with punch, tone and impressively unique solo styling. This led to support from major manufacturers like Ibanez and ENGL and involvement in projects like the national guitar ad campaign titled “Auditions on Call” for America’s top guitarists and an instructional video for the Rockhouse Series. Scott’s next notable musical venture was in the late 90’s playing with one of NYC’s premier bands at the time – Furious Styles. FS combined an eclectic group of influences including funk, modern rock, ska, reggae and metal. SPIN Magazine described Furious Styles as "Fun, Modern, Urban, and Undeniably Urgent.” This band gave Scott a chance to flex his rhythm chops and natural feel with a non-guitar-solo approach to song writing. The pure power and soul of this band got the attention of everyone from Simon Townshend to The Jerky Boys to Maceo Parker. Scott was a clinician for the Tascam Corporation, where he focused on guitar recording techniques in the digital age. He has held endorsements from well-known companies like Ibanez guitars and Engl amplifiers. Flash forward 2006 - Scott joined the reformed classic Metal band Obsession. There has been a resurgence in the popularity of classic Heavy Metal bands. In the mid-eighties Obsession was an internationally successful metal band in the vein of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. With a few albums on Enigma/Capitol and some MTV videos, Obsession disbanded in ‘87 but still saw their popularity grow in Metal circles . After a 20 year absence, the much anticipated reunion album entitled “Carnival of Lies" hit the stores in the summer of 2006. The album has been a phenomenon receiving fan acclaim as “THE Metal album of 2006” throughout the world. A new Obsession release is due to hit the street sometime in 2009. In July 2008, the track "Shine on" Scott co-wrote and performed was featured on Mike Vescera's latest solo album "A Sign of Things To Come" on Metal Heaven Records. Joining Scott and Mike on the track are Chris McCarvill (Bass) and BJ Zampa (Drums) of recent Dokken and House of Lords touring bands. Catch Scott performing funky grooves in the northeast regularly with the acclaimed group .:SUGAR:. Scott endorses Dimarzio pickups and Naylor amplifiers.

7600 "Thunderbird Groove"


I finished up the production of “Sometimes Alternates Fly” for Stephen Force of the Airspeed aviation podcast. Steve sent me his 10 minute drum/bass/guitar groove that he recorded for his show. (see Thunderbird groove takes shape and Thunderbird groove progresses ) After some editing, I added some electric and 12 string guitars, keyboards and some percussion. The mix was done at my home studio, and mastering at Soundtrack New York. 

Visit Airspeed to hear the episode.

Johnny Green "Forget About The Blame"


Written by Johnny Green

Produced, engineered and mixed by Scott Cannizzaro

Executive producer: John Kiehl

Lead vocal and guitars: Johnny Green

Lead and rhythm guitar: Frankie Lombardi

Bass: Frankie Lombardi

Drums: Frankie Lombardi

Backing vocals: Frankie Lombardi

12 string guitar and keyboards: Scott Cannizzaro

Additional guitars: Allen Higgins, Alan Butler and Bobby Keyes

Recorded at Soundtrack Studios in New York City

“Forget About The Blame”

“Played For You”

“My Nowhere”


Frank Lombardi "Shank Songs"


Shank Songs is a collection of melodic pop and rock songs written and performed by Frankie Lombardi. The songs speak for themselves as each one represents a different kind of track. From commercial mainstream rock to a 60’s doo-wop cut entitled “Sunday Papers”. Frank Lombardi along with producer Scott Cannizzaro deliver smash hits, with 80’s style anthems as well as creative tunes with punchy, strong melodies. Some have compared the sound of Shank Songs to Bad finger, Joe Walsh, Beatles etc...

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