Liquid Courage


Produced by Scott Cannizzaro and LIQUID COURAGE

Recorded and mixed by Scott Cannizzaro

Recorded at Soundtrack Boston, MA

Christian Webb: Lead vocals, pianos, clavs, organs.

Drew Israel: Guitars, background vocals.

Neal Lords: Drums, percussion, background vocals.

    Additional musicians -

Bass on all tracks except “Freaky Buzz” and “Tears” - Chuck Marchant. Bass on “Freaky Buzz” - Tim Kelly. Guitars and background vocals on “Soul Searchin’”, “Walk Tall”, “Freaky Buzz” - Preston Pearson. Horns on “Soul Searchin’” - John Pearson. Background vocals on “Soul Searchin’” - Julie Shapiro. Background vocals on “Soul Searchin’”, “Walk Tall”, “Body Electric”, “What Love Means” - Chuck Marchant

“Don’t Kill My Freaky Buzz” - produced by Jon Slott. Engineered by Joe Costa. Remixed and produced by Scott Cannizzaro.