Doobious Leghorn "Imps' Tales"


Produced by Doobious Leghorn, Scott Cannizzaro & Bob St. John.

Engineering and mixing by Scott Cannizzaro, Bob St. John.

Recorded and mixed at Soundtrack Studios Boston.

Additional recording and mixing at Barking Spider Studios and Player Recording with Ken Player and Pete Peloquin.

Mastering by Bob St. John

Vocals, rhythm guitar: Goat

Guitars: Dan Bernal

Drums: Ethan Goldman

Bass: Lyle Mays

Alto Sax: Brad Barile

Trombone: Vincent Lebrun

Trumpet: Dave Stangarone


Liquid Courage


Produced by Scott Cannizzaro and LIQUID COURAGE

Recorded and mixed by Scott Cannizzaro

Recorded at Soundtrack Boston, MA

Christian Webb: Lead vocals, pianos, clavs, organs.

Drew Israel: Guitars, background vocals.

Neal Lords: Drums, percussion, background vocals.

    Additional musicians -

Bass on all tracks except “Freaky Buzz” and “Tears” - Chuck Marchant. Bass on “Freaky Buzz” - Tim Kelly. Guitars and background vocals on “Soul Searchin’”, “Walk Tall”, “Freaky Buzz” - Preston Pearson. Horns on “Soul Searchin’” - John Pearson. Background vocals on “Soul Searchin’” - Julie Shapiro. Background vocals on “Soul Searchin’”, “Walk Tall”, “Body Electric”, “What Love Means” - Chuck Marchant

“Don’t Kill My Freaky Buzz” - produced by Jon Slott. Engineered by Joe Costa. Remixed and produced by Scott Cannizzaro.